Schefflera (Hi-Colour)


Brassia Hi-Colour (schefflera) in 8 Inch Plastic Pot

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It is very popular for its pretty growth habit and handsome shiny green leaves and highly prized because of its suitability as house plant in a wide range of environmental conditions in rooms, stairways or similar places.

These plants tolerate low temperature of the subtropics, though they prefer warms and dry location. Regular watering and weekly feeding are needed at the tike of its growing season from march to September. The soil mixture should consist of equal parts of loam, peat and sand; well-rotten vermi-compost are also very useful.

In China Schefflera (Umbrella tree) is one of the most commonly used plants in Feng Shui, which is also known as acupuncture for your home. The leaf fingers capture positive energy and the plant is said to attract wealth for the residents.

Schefflera Variegated Care

In the right conditions, schefflera can be propagated with leaf cuttings. Use a rooting hormone and provide lots of humidity and warmth. Expect a high failure rate, however, as these are tropical plants. They can also be propagated by air-layering.

Sunlight Sun growing, Semi shade, Shade growing
Watering Water weekly during the growing season and spray frequently. Cut back water during winter.
Soil Rich, loose potting media
Temperature They suffer below about 60 degrees F. Do not expose to drafts or dry heating vents.
Fertilizer Feed twice weekly during growing season with liquid fertilizer or use two applications of slow-release pellets. They are heavy feeder


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