Peppermint (mentha)


Peppermint (mentha) in 3 inch nursery bag

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This amazingly aromatic herb is one of the oldest herbs used for ritual, culinary, and medicinal purposes. Today it is used for aesthetics, being cherished for its lovely refreshing fragrance and taste.

How to Care for Mint

Caring for Mint is easy. Whether you decide to plant it in your garden directly or in a container, it will grow with very little effort on your part. Because Mint aggressively spreads, most gardeners plant it in containers.  No matter the planting method, Mint is a marvellous herb that has many uses.


Mint can grow in full sun or partial shade. It can even tolerate some dappled shade, unlike most herbs.


The adaptability of Mint is one of its best features; it is also one of its worst features, allowing it to grow almost anywhere, making it a nuisance. Mint’s ideal soil is rich, loamy, and moist, though it’s known to grow along trailside ditches and craggy outcrops—it can and will grow anywhere.


Consistently moist soil is the key to making sure your Mint plant is happy and possesses tons of flavour. But be careful not to overdo it. Mint, like most mints, cannot tolerate standing water or soaking soil. Having soggy roots is a sure-fire way to kill or harm your plant.


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