Ophiopogon Black dragon (Black Grass)


Ophiopogon Japonicus grass (Black grass,Kali ghas) in 3 inch nursery bag

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This Ophiopogon Japonicus grass provides your garden with aesthetic appeal that your guests will notice. This grass has a darker hue than the traditional bright or light-green colours you see on your lawn.

This variety is slow-growing, as it branches out from stolon under the ground’s surface. Black Ophiopogon Japonicus grass does well in sunny areas of the garden, but it also grows in shadier parts of the yard as well.

This variety is thirsty, and you’ll need to frequently water the grass to maintain its growth. The dark leaves of black Ophiopogon Japonicus grass make it appealing as an addition to flowerbeds, and it grows to a length of 10-inches tall, and flowers in the summer months.


Ophiopogon Japonicus grass doesn’t require much attention during the growing season, making it the ideal choice for gardeners that prefer passive-growing plants.

All you need to do to keep this grass looking great is water occasionally during hot weather, and pull weeds from the flowerbeds. Every two or three years, you’ll need to pull up the grass and divide the root clumps.

Root in your Black grass can occur for a multitude of reasons. However, the most common cause of root rot occurs due to the combination of overwatering and poor drainage in your soil. As mentioned, Black grass will start to experience root rot if you don’t let the roots dry out properly between watering sessions.


Using Black Grass for Lawns


Black grass is a very versatile plant. You can use it to liven up your flowerbeds or bring an extra dimension to your garden arrangements. As the grass is very resilient to climate conditions, you can use it on your lawn in sparse areas to cover the gaps. If you live in a desert climate, such as Nevada, then Black grass is ideal for use as a lawn replacement.


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