Monstera Deliciosa in 8 Inch Plastic Pot

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A stout foliage climber with unusually large leaves, thick, dark green, deeply notched and many symmetrical perforations. Mature plants often produce large cone-like spadix with strong pineapple aroma. It is one of the most attractive and popular house plant.

Monstera deliciosa is a famous houseplant with its large, glossy green leaves with deep splits and holes.

What makes it special:
  • Low maintenance plant.
  • Plant with large leaves.

Monstera features big (2-foot-wide) leaves that look like they have holes or cuts in them, giving rise to two of its other common names: Swiss cheese plant and split-leaf philodendron. While young, this houseplant has a dense, bushy shape, but as it grows, it wants to vine out.

Monstera can be kept bushy with regular pruning, or let it climb up a vertical support (such as fishing line fastened into the ceiling), for a decidedly bold and tropical look.


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