Beaucarnea Recurvata (Ponytail)


Deaucarnea (Ponytail) in 6 Inch Nursery Bag

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Ponytail  has a unique-looking and long-lived indoor plant. Unique shape plant can boost the garden beauty.

Interesting fact: The Ponytail  is a distinctive looking houseplant with a swollen thick brown stem at its base that stores water. From the top of the stem, one or more rosettes of long, green, leathery leaves develop as the plant ages resembling ponytail.

This plant grows up to 9 feet in height in the ground plantation and in indoor condition grows up to 4 feet.

Pony Tail  Care

Areca palm is propagated by seeds. Rarely, a ponytail palm may produce an offset. Panting season of the ponytail palm is monsoon season.

Sunlight Full sun
Watering Moderately
Soil sandy loam soil
Temperature 20 to 35 degrees C
Fertilizer Apply any organic fertilizer.


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