Combination of Ficus Mini Carpa Grown in Rock and Syngonium Mini compacta Lucy


Ficus Mini Carpa, Syngonium Mini compacta Lucy in Ceramic Bonsai tray

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Set of 5 Plants for Healthy and Refreshing Day contains 5 plant + Ceramic Bonsai tray. Keep them around you may it be your home or working place and enjoy healthy and refreshing day.


  • You get 5 plant and Premium quality attractive pot in a single pack.
  • Plants in this pack are known for ability to purify air and make the surroundings less toxic and more healthy.
  • Plants in this pack are easy to care and require low maintenance.

    Combo Constituents

    Sr.No Item name Qty
    1 Ficus Mini Carpa 1
    2 Syngonium Mini compacta Lucy 4

Special Feature

This pack contains the plants that are known for their air purifying activity. Incorporating plants around you is a best choice to live in a clean toxin free environment.

Studies have suggested that keeping plants around you can helps to boost morale, productivity, concentration and creativity. Green plants are known for reducing stress and anxiety, which means more enthusiastic and refreshed you.


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