Clerodendrum Thomsoniae


Clerodendrum thomsoniae in 4 Inch Nursery Bag

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The flowers are produced in cymes of 8-20 together, each flower with a pure white to pale purple five-lobed calyx 2.5 cm in diameter, and a red five-lobed corolla 2 cm long and in diameter. The flowers are born in cymose inflorescences arising from the axils of the leaves.

Clerodendrum Thomsoniae Uses

Planting And Care

  • Extremely dry soil causes plant to drop its leaves, while consistently wet soil may cause root or stem rot.
  • Water only when the soil becomes dry, once every week for outdoor plants.
  • The plant requires re-potting only once every three or four years.
  • Sunlight-Needs bright sunlight for almost 4 to 5 hour
  • Watering-Susceptible to rot, so water only when completely dry.
  • Soil- Place in a light, well-drained compost.
  • Temperature-For ideal growing conditions, plants grown indoors need temperatures of 60 to 65 degrees Fahrenheit during the night and 85 degrees during the day.
  • Fertilizer Implement a balanced liquid fertilizer on a monthly basis between spring and summer.



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