Areca Palm


Areca Palm in 8 Inch Plastic Pot

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Pinnate, 6 to 8 pale green leaves per stem, 80 to 100 leaflets, to 8 feet long (2.4 m). Yellow if grown with enough light, 2 feet long. This palm tree, with its long, graceful feather-shaped fronds, will add a tropical feel to your home and is especially well suited for screened patios and atriums.

Areca Palm Care

Areca palm is propagated by seeds, by separating the offsets or suckers at the base of a mature plant, or by plant division.

Sunlight Full to partial sunlight
Watering Medium
Soil Chalky, Loamy, Sandy soil: moist but well-drained
Temperature 20 to 30 degree C
Fertilizer Use a palm fertilizer, which will contain all the micronutrients and extra potassium and manganese.


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