Pilea Cadierei (Aluminium Plant)


Aluminium Plant in 4 Inch Nursery Pot

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Planting And Care


  • Plant care is not difficult but does require vigilance.
  • The vines need to be trained early when they are young. You may use plant ties or just weave them through trellis sections.
  • Fertilize the plant in spring just before new growth appea Pinch off the tips of the vines in the second year to promote branching which will fill the trellis with bushy growth.

    Aluminium Plant  Care

    Common is a vine and has larger glossy green leaves than Royal. Both can survive in temperate climates if they are planted in a sheltered area. Arabian is a small bush with evergreen leaves.

    There are many other varieties of plant, of which are best suited for sub-tropical climates. Learning how to grow will add a striking visual and olfactory touch to the garden.

    Sunlight Light Shade, Partial to Full Shade
    Watering Medium
    Soil Well-drained soil
    Temperature 60 to 75 degrees F
    Fertilizer Apply any organic fertilizer


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