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Phulwari was born and founded in the year 1982. It started more as a hobby for Mrs. Anu Jagga, founder of PHULWARI. In those days it started as florists and small nursery operating from home backyard. Years later Phulwari grew into a big nursery, also taking up big landscape contracts and landscape consultancy.

Much later, Phulwari Bio – Tech Pvt. Ltd. was incorporated as Private Limited Company on 19-03-1996 in assisted sector with Punjab Agro Industries Corporation Ltd. (Government of Punjab).

It was formed following the need of good quality plants and planting material by Nurseries and other commercial growers in the Northern India market and with an eye on increasing demand of Foliage plants in the overseas markets. Phulwari offers a full micropropagation service, and particularly specialises in the production of high health status plant stocks, through a combination of disease and temperature controlled sterile room and green houses. The facility uses techniques including water filtration, air filtration and sterilised compost for production and hardening of plants.

The company offers a wide range of plants under exclusive contract or off – the – shelf. Its speciality is ornamental nursery stock and commercial plantation products like sugarcane, teak, bamboo etc. However, development work is taking place across a range of plant species.
Phulwari markets its products primarily through its own sales force. Its customers include retail buyers, wholesale buyers, commercial growers, government undertakings. Plants are also available from its Nursery located in Chandigarh.

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